S$50 Cashback American Express CapitaCard Promotion

The promotion period (“Promotion Period”) is between 20th July 2019 and 31st August 2019, both days inclusive. Any missing information or delayed submission will not be entertained.

This promotion (“Promotion”) is organised by ThePennyPincher.sg and is open all residents in Singapore that are eligible to apply for a credit card.

ThePennyPincher.sg reserves the right to amend the Terms and Conditions of the Promotion at any time, without prior notice.

To be eligible for the Promotion (“Eligible Participants”), the participant must:

  • Submit an application for an American Express CapitaCard (“Eligible Card”) via the promotion website https://thepennypincher.sg/amex-capitacard-promo/ (“Promotion Page”) as a main cardholder during the Promotion Period.
  • Note down the “Application Reference Number” at the end of the application, and submit it to The Penny Pincher via – https://thepennypincher.sg/amex-promo-submission/
  • “Application Reference Number” has to be submitted within 3 days from application date.
  • We strictly do not entertain exception requests if Application Reference Number is not submitted.
  • The Eligible Card applied for have made at least one transaction on or before 31 August 2019
  • The applicant must be a new American Express Card Member (i.e. must not hold any American Express Credit Card in the last 6 months)

A successful Application is defined as an application where the card application has been approved.

A successful Applicant who qualifies to receive the S$50 Cashback will receive an email from [email protected] confirming the transaction details for the cashback, within two (2) calendar months from the date of card approval.

If the Eligible Participant fails to receive an email ThePennyPincher.sg within two (2) calendar months from date of card approval, kindly drop an email to [email protected] for any assistance.

ThePennyPincher.sg reserves the right to reject redemptions if application was found to be made via other channels and/or made outside of the Promotion Period.

Approvals of any Credit Card is still subjected to the American Express discretion. ThePennyPincher.sg does not guarantee the approval of any Credit Card.

By applying for an Eligible Card as part of this Promotion, an Eligible Participant consents to American Express informing ThePennyPincher.sg of the status of the application, as well as the status of first transaction.

American Express does not inform ThePennyPincher transaction details such as the date / time or the amount.

ThePennyPincher.sg reserves the right to change the terms and conditions during the period of the Promotion without any prior notification.