5 Exclusive Credit Cards In Singapore You’ll Probably Never Own This Lifetime

amex centurion card singapore

Everyone knows this: not all credit cards are created equal. There are the cards that suit the needs of the everyday folk, and those that make waiters give the double take when it’s flashed. Not everyone has the means or the ability to own the most exclusive credit cards which is why some people make a big deal about them.

Curious about these cards and the perks that come with them? Here, we’ll share 5 invitation-only cards that many would only dream to own.

American Express Centurion Card

This card is so exclusive, even its annual fee is undisclosed. All we know is that you’ll need an annual expenditure of $250 000 to keep this card tucked snugly in your wallet. Additionally, you’ll need to pay a 4 figure initiation fee to prove that you’re worthy of owning such a card as the AMEX Centurion.

So what makes this card amazing besides its exclusivity? You get tones of perks including an unlimited credit and having a concierge team ready to serve your every whim and fancy. Travelling with the AMEX Centurion also means you get to enjoy exclusive VIP Centurion Lounges, first-class upgrades, a personal travel agent, and so much more.

DBS Insignia Card

1 million dollars. That’s right, that’s the credit limit of the DBS Insignia Card. To qualify for this card, you’ll need to have an annual income of half a million. The annual fee for the DBS Insignia Card is $2000 — which, to be honest, is child’s play if you’re already earning anything close to a million on a yearly basis.

Although it’s launched in 2011, we still don’t know much about the member benefits of this exclusive card. However, we hear that personalised dining, having access to the most renowned wine makers, and all activities high-SES can easily be attained once you flash the DBS Insignia.

Read all about the card’s benefits here.

HSBC Visa Infinite Card

This card is probably the most attainable invitation-only card on this list. Nonetheless, it’s perks are still as amazing as the other cards on this list. The HSBC Vista Infinite Card is ideal for those who love travelling in style. With the card, you’ll earn up to 2.5 air miles for every $1 you spend. Additionally, you also get to enjoy more than 600 VIP airport lounges, get clearance more quickly at immigration at selected airports, and also complimentary room upgrades at top resorts. Some local establishments where you’ll get to enjoy special perks include Resort World Sentosa, The Fullerton Hotel, Singapore Marriott Hotel, among others.

The annual fee for this card is priced only at $488, which is probably the most reasonably priced credit card on this list. When you sign up for the card, you’ll also get to choose whether you want the 30 000 air miles welcome bonus.

Read all about the card’s benefits here.

UOB Reserve Card

To be eligible for this exclusive card, you’ll first need to have at least $2 million in your UOB account. Like many cards on this list, the UOB Reserve Card has a pretty substantial annual fee, priced at $3852.

Once you’ve received the invitation and signed up for the card, you’ll be opened to a world of exclusive privileges and rewards. With the card, you’ll enjoy special fares for first class, business class and VIP access to airport lounges. Additionally, you’ll also have the ability to purchase an unlimited amount of discounted miles from UOB, and enjoy a generous reward of 5 miles for every $1 spent. The UOB Reserve Card also qualifies you to special dining and hotel discounts, and you’ll also get to enjoy being served by the UOB Reserve Concierge.

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OCBC Elite World Card

Like the HSBC Visa Infinite Card, the OCBC Elite World Card is one of the more accessible cards on this list. It’s $1 605 annual fee is far more reasonably priced, additionally, an annual income of $250 000 is required for you to qualify for the card.

After you’ve signed up an received the OCBC Elite World Card, the Priority Pass membership card will be issued to you. With it, you can enjoy 2 complimentary visits to more than 600 VIP airport lounges! On top of that, if you managed to spend at least $75 000 on your OCBC Elite World Card within a year from approval, you’ll earn yourself a seat on Business Class with the airline of your choice and even get a cash rebate (worth half the price of the ticket) or $3000. Like many of the cards on this list, you’ll also get a concierge to serve your needs.

Read all about the card’s benefits here.

With a personal concierge, unlimited credit, and a hefty annual fee, owning any of these cards isn’t an easy feat for most of us. While it’s fun once in a while to dream about a life you wish you could attain for yourself, remember to only apply for cards and only spend within your means. Getting the right card matters — credit cards can greatly benefit your financial life if you use them right!

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