POSB Everyday Card Review: Is It Really For Everyday Spending?

POSB Everyday Card

On the lookout for a good everyday cash back card? There are countless cashback cards designed for the common folk to earn rewards as they go about their day-to-day spending. So how does the POSB Everyday Card fair? And is it really the best “everyday” card in the market?

Perks You Can Enjoy with the POSB Everyday Card

One of the best features with the POSB Everyday Card is that it has no minimum spend. Yup, that’s right — every dollar you spend with the card will translate into cashback rewards for you!

What’s more, the POSB Everyday Card covers a wide range of spending categories. Here’s a breakdown of how much rebates you can earn for different types of spending:


  • Restaurants, cafes, hawker centres and more – 5% cash rebate
  • Online food delivery – 15% cash rebate

Transport and Fuel

  • Public transport -15% cash rebates (Bus, MRT with SimplyGo, and sg)
  • Ride hailing services – 5% cash rebates
  • Fuel at SPC – up to 20.1% savings


  • Geneco, iSwitch, Sembcorp, Union Power – 1% cash rebates and additional 1% on recurring bills
  • SP Group, Best Electricity, Ohm, Tuas Power – 1% cash rebates on recurring bills


  • Starhub – 1% cash rebates on recurring bills (mobile/ digital cable/ broadband bills and other in-store purchases)


  • Sheng Siong – 5% cash rebates


  • Watsons – 3% cash rebates
  • Pet Lovers Centre – 3% cash rebates with minimum spend of $15 on regular priced items
  • Standard Photo – 10% cash rebates

What about spending that isn’t included in any of these categories or with these retailers? Not to worry. You’ll still enjoy 0.3% cash rebates! While that isn’t an astounding rate, the categories and retailers above already cover most Singaporeans’ daily expenditures and it’s generally easy to earn high rebates with this card.

Other Perks You’ll Enjoy

The POSB Everyday Card is particularly great for drivers. Besides getting up to 20.1% in savings, there is absolutely no cashback cap for your fuel spending with SPC!

Additionally, you can also enjoy daily redemptions with SPC, Watsons, Starhub, SP Group, and mobile apps of other participating merchants, including Koufu, Zalora, among others.

Card Requirements

It’s pretty easy to apply for the card as well. With requirement of S$30 000 per annum income, this card is suitable for young adults who have just started working.

Here are some other details you should take note of:

  • Annual fee – $192.60 (1 year waiver)
  • Minimum monthly repayment – 3% or $80 (whichever is higher)
  • Annual interest rate – 26.8%
  • Overlimit fee – $40
  • Supplementary annual fee – $96.30
  • Forex transaction fee – 3%

All in all, the POSB Everyday Card is just as it claims to be — designed for the day-to-day spending of the average Singaporean. With cash rebates at Sheng Siong, Watsons, and a host of electricity retailers, it’s easy to save as you spend on daily necessities. Since there’s no minimum spend, there’s no pressure to go out of your way to spend more just to earn cash rebates!

The POSB Everyday Card is fuss-free and easy to apply. If you’re looking for a card that isn’t out of your league and lets you spend as you go, this is the perfect card for you!

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