5 Part Time Jobs You Can Take Up During Covid-19 Circuit Breaker

part time jobs during circuit breaker singapore

If you’ve been giving part time tuition, driving grab, or working part time at retails, the Covid-19 situation must’ve had some impact on your financially. With the circuit breaker in place, no one is going out of their homes and many part timers will have to take a one-month break from their usual jobs.

That being said, although most merchants and retailers are closed, there are still some part time job opportunities out there. In fact, due to Covid-19, there’s a demand for part time and temporary workers in new areas. And it’s not just limited to F&B outlets.

Here are some part time jobs and temporary positions that are needed during this period of time.

1. Food delivery/ riders

Since most of us will be staying indoors, demand for food delivery is on the rise. Grabfood, Food Panda, and Deliveroo have been seeing spikes in food delivery orders.

As dine-in options aren’t allowed, many restaurants are looking into delivery options to stay open during this period. If you’re looking for a flexible part time job, food delivery could be an option to consider.

2. Social distancing ambassador

You must have heard of social distancing ambassadors giving out fines to those who aren’t wearing masks or practicing safe distancing. Admittedly, you may not be the public’s favourite ambassador but it’s still a decent temporary job to take on during this period.

Social distancing ambassadors are allocated in hawker centres, parks, and around the estate. The basic requirements to apply for this role is a higher Nitec cert or diploma. You don’t need specialised skills to apply for this role but it would help if you have great communication skills!

3. Retail assistant

Most retailers are closed during this period but essential services like supermarkets are still open. With so many people queueing up to get groceries, supermarkets like NTUC Fair Price are placing some household necessities at atrium areas to avoid overcrowding.

With more crowds and the need to take up larger spaces, there’s definitely a need for more retail assistants. Cashiers, stocktakers, and crowd controllers will definitely be needed during this period of time.

4. Data entry clerk

Yup, there’s still a need for data entry clerks for businesses classified as essential services. Since F&B factories and food providers are still open for business, there’s definitely a demand for clerks to help with admin work and data entry.

5. Health attendants

Helping to clean up wards, take temperatures and preparing meals — these are some areas where more help is needed in the healthcare sector. With so many patients coming in to receive treatment during this period of time, there has been a stretch in resources. Many healthcare workers are working long hours as there is just not enough manpower to meet the needs of the influx of patients in hospitals.

Health attendants do not need to have prior experiences as the role only requires you to help out in simple day-to-day tasks. By filling up these roles, it will help to free up more experienced healthcare workers to focus on specialised tasks.

Many part-timers and freelancers have been badly during this Covid-19 period as stores and merchants are closed. It’s great to know that subsidies will be given out to help tide Singaporeans through this difficult period. However, besides waiting on subsidies to come in, you can still do find ways to earn some cash — you just have to know the gaps and needs during this period of time.


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